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Bucket Elevator - SIMPLEX S Type 100 Series

Available in Standard Duty - Tubular Open Frame Design or Casting Frame Design

Simplex S Type 100 Series The simplex 100 series are pivoting bucket conveying elevators designed to gently transport a wide variety of products horizontally and vertically, without transfer points. From the low capacity 152 to the high capacity 182 these machines offer a full range of sizes with capabilities ranging from 3.40 to over 107 cubic meters per hour. Capable of handling most dry, granular, free flowing products these machines also work well with non-free flowing product. This series elevator is suited to normal duty applications where operating conditions are not especially severe. The buckets are designed to operate in the C configuration unlike other machines using modified standard buckets that must be tilted in the horizontal to avoid overlap interferences. It is designed to be a cost effective solution to most conveying and elevating requirements yet incorporates many standard features described below that are not available on similar machines found in the industry. Dimensions, bucket sizes and capabilities are listed in this document. Simplex 100 options and features are described in this document.

Standard Features


Equipped with double pitch carrier roller type chain with oversize rollers for smooth rolling contact with tracks. Standard chain is steel brushed for longer life. Heavy-duty pivot points are larger diameter to resist bending. Extra-long length prevents bucket fall out.

Chain take-up

Conveyor chain take-up is by means of standard screw type adjusted unit located on both sides of lower horizontal section.

Overlapping Buckets

Wide variety of materials available. All sizes available in polycarbonate, polycarbonate alloy, fabricated mild and stainless steel. Some sizes available in high-density polythene and cast aluminium alloy. Inverted Y lip overlap prevents build up on edges, eliminating the need for unsanitary brushes or wipers.

Chain tracks

Heavy-duty chain tracks are made from standard angle iron and bolted to the side panels. Tracks are not an integral part of the main frame thus allowing for future replacements if required.


Corner panels are made from 4.5mm or 6mm plate depending upon the model with intermediate panels of 10-gauge steel. Panels are pre punched for accurate dimensional control. Sectional design allows for future expansion if required. Side panels are flanged for easier instillation of optional covers. Bolted construction allows for easier construction and assembly.


Manufactured from oversized plate the teeth are turned true to the bore after the hub is welded on. This feature reduces chain side plate wear and increases sprocket and chain wear thus increasing chain life.

Bearings and Shafts

High-strength steel shafts ride in top quality ball bearings. Self-aligning quality ball bearings incorporate contact seals to resist moisture and dirt.

Inset and Discharge

Complete with type 304 stainless steel flanged inlet. Head section casting is flanged to allow for addition of optional discharge chute for connection with existing equipment. Flanged inlet helps to guide material in to buckets and away from chain.

Drive(back to top)

Standard vertical end mount drive assembly consists of a 380/440 volt, 50 Hz, 3 phases T.E.F.C motor with right angle worm gear reducer. Power transmit ion is via chain and sprockets. Drive chain is heavy- duty single pitch roller chain with tension idler or slotted reducer mounting plate.

Safety Overload Protection

Each unit is supplied with a torque limiter overload protection device to prevent bucket and chain damage in case of a jam.


Standard is S shape with lower horizontal perpendicular vertical and upper horizontal crossing back over lower horizontal section.


Mild steel parts are primed and undercoated and finished in two-pack epoxy. Standard colour is white but special colours can be accommodated.


Assembly and testing in our plant prior to shipment is thorough to ensure minimum if any problems during field erection and start up.

Safety Guarding and Labelling

Four sided drive guards are standard on all machines. Guard has a hole in the front panel to permit torque limiter adjustment without removing guard. Safety guards are also provided over sprockets in lower boot corner. Caution and warning labels are attached to machine at potential hazard locations. Vertical and horizontal guards up to 2.5 meters are standard.

CE Mark, EMC and supply United Kingdom by the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992.


All conveyors come supplied with C.E. Markings within the guidelines issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.


All Electro-Magnetic Conveyors conform to the current E.M.C. directives.


We hereby declare that the machinery quoted complies with the essential Health & Safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and 93/44/EEC enacted in the United Kingdom by the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992.


Many options are available for the 100 series. Some of the more common ones are mentioned below. Dimensional information is given for standard bottom discharged and built on feeders. Special or unique options are not listed below, but can be available to meet your needs. Please call to discuss any special needs that you may have.

  • Built on feeders for controlled feed to elevator
  • Multiple bottom discharges
  • Bolted hinged or quick release flat covers can be gasket dust or water tight
  • Sand blasting on surfaces foe epoxy coatings
  • Stainless steel construction for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and sanitisation
  • Internal wash down sections for easy and thorough cleaning of chain and buckets
  • Complete electrical control from simple hand wired to complete PLC controlled systems