Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator Q and A

Elimination of spillage
Built to last
Operate well in a variety of challenging conditions
Handling with damage minimisation
What are the advantages to you?
Options available include
Difficult and hazardous products that can be transported

Virtual elimination of spillage (top)

The Cox & Plant Products Ltd system has our unique interlocking bucket system that offers distinct benefits. The extra deep buckets and jam-proof design ensure spill-free loading, conveying and discharge of a wide range of products.

Our designs offer a tight footprint for small areas and saves valuable floor space.

Designs that are built to last the course of time (top)

The rugged, heavy-duty design has allowed some Cox & Plant Products Ltd customers to operate their bucket elevators almost continuously for more than 25 years.

Our bucket elevators operate well in a variety of challenging conditions:(top)

  • In wet environments — moulded buckets and chain requires no lubrication
  • In frozen environments — buckets and chain designed for low temperatures are available
  • With high temperature products — components designed to withstand heat up to 195C (380F)
  • In dusty areas — no moving parts in chain, easy to wash down.

The best design for reliable product handling with damage minimisation.(top)

Cox & Plant Products Ltd is a bucket elevator capable of running horizontally and vertically, or at any angle in between from a single drive. The plastic buckets are truly interlocking and never separate. This feature is achieved by means of the joint strip that connects each bucket.

What are the advantages to you? (top)

By running horizontally and vertically without transfer points, your product can move from one process to another without spillage, degradation, dusting or segregation of blended products.

The interlocking buckets ensure that there is no spillage at the infeed, and because the buckets never separate, even on a vertical lift, the only place your product leaves the buckets is at the discharge. Even here the Cox & Plant Products Ltd design allows for a gentle cascading of product, further reducing degradation.

You get the gentlest possible handling with your product travelling undisturbed once in the Bucket Elevator. Our designs mean the gentlest handling, the least spillage, the lowest possible maintenance, and the quietest operation of any mechanical elevating device.

P.E.C. can be introduced to control the system; these can be covered for dust containment and can be customized with available options to fit your application requirements, such as the hinged covers.

Options available include (top)

  • Inlet hoppers with vibratory feeders
  • Infeed flanges / bucket knockers
  • Speed switches / motion alarms
  • Discharge chutes
  • Discharge assists for sticky products
  • Covers of expanded mesh, polycarbonate sheet or sheet steel

Some bucket elevators have to be enclosed as products can be extremely dusty, explosive or corrosive, subject to contamination, hazardous to workers' health, or the product's integrity may be affected by exposure to normal atmospheric conditions.

The heavy gauge sheet metal construction locates stiffeners only on the exterior of the unit, leaving a smooth, clean interior. Quick access doors are provided. Construction can be of carbon steel, stainless steel or a combination. (i.e. carbon steel can be used for the parts of the unit located inside a building and stainless steel can be used for the outside parts).

Some of the difficult and hazardous products that can be transported by Cox & Plant Products Ltd include: (top)

  • China clay
  • Alkaline battery mix
  • Brake lining powder
  • Ceramic sand
  • Pigment
  • Resin
  • Sodium
  • Instant coffee