Bucket Elevators

Food Conveyors

Customers within the food production, pharmaceutical, mineral / chemical processing and warehousing / distribution industries convey bulk items such as SUGAR, SALT, CONFECTIONARY, PASTA, whilst BOXES, TOTES and SACKS are transferred by unit load elevators.

We currently provide food grade conveyors for confectionery - wrapped, boiled, chocolate coated - frozen vegetables and meat, milk powders, ingredients, fatted biscuit crumb and snack foods.

We offer a totally enclosed robust construction with standard and special profiles to suit heavy duty vertical lifting applications.

Special bucket elevator designs for the food industry are available which are ideal for units involved in packaging and weighing products.

Continuous Bucket Elevator

Continuous bucket elevatorA Continuous Bucket Elevator is designed to carry product "all the way" between processes gently and without degradation.

The Continuous Bucket Elevator's drive system allows the bucket elevator to provide high throughputs without spillage.

Bucket Elevator structures are designed to enable ease of installation and access even in production lines that require a tight footprint.

Non-Food Uses

The same characteristics of our food grade conveyor systems also satisfy the producers of salt and non-food items such as soap powders, construction industry materials, ceramic constituents, pesticides, catalyst pellets and dried sewage sludge as no lubrication is required.