Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator - Simplex configurations

Vertical Conveyor Systems

S Model

S Type bucket elevatorThe "S Type" configuration as shown in figure 3a fits most conveying-elevating needs. The vertical conveyor section being 90% from the base reduces floor space requirements as needed by incline belts or other conveyor systems.





C Model

C Model Vertical Conveyor SystemIn the conservation of space or where it is necessary to operate in a restricted area with the Simplex F feeding equipment directly over the inlet point the C type bucket elevator provides the ideal solution. Bottom discharges may be provided in the number and desired locations with fixed, manual or remote electric controls.



Bottom and side discharges

Bottom and Side dischargesFor feeding into any number of processing units, or into a series of holding bins, the Simplex with multiple sides or bottom discharge is ideal. Discharge chutes may be provided on either or both sides of the discharge section, these can be arranged to discharge automatically, manually or remote controlled.



Horizontal Conveyor Systems

Horizontal Bucket Elevator ModelsFor extreme gentle vibration free conveying in a horizontal plane the Simplex can be furnished as a horizontal conveyor.

Inclined model

Inclined Elevator to convey product under overhead obstaclesThis inclined elevator can be provided in almost any desired angle for the most efficient utilisation of space, or where it is necessary to carry over other equipment or under overhead obstructions.



Z ModelZ model

Where the distance between intake and discharge points is restricted the z type model can be provided. The angle of the vertical leg can be varied to permit the maximum conservation of space.


Special Configurations

Special configurationsFig 4c shows a special configuration with multi level intake for feeding at various floor levels. Fig 4d shows a Simplex bucket elevator discharging at various floor levels.





Lowerator modelLowerator model

This model is designed to lower fragile products. It eliminated the attraction found when using conventional let down chutes.